At LifeWorks, our mission is to help youth and young families on their path to self-sufficiency. 

But what does that look like in a 24 hour period?  

As a part of Amplify Austin 2017, LifeWorks will highlight 24 original short videos sharing a day in the life of LifeWorks clients, staff, and volunteers. One video for each hour of our campaign! #WatchWhatHappens and see how LifeWorks helps youth move from being homeless and experiencing significant trauma to having a safe home, completing educational goals, receiving counseling, and finding stable employment. LifeWorks youth are strong and courageous!

 David, LifeWorks Housing Youth 

David, LifeWorks Housing Youth 

Meet David, LifeWorks Housing Youth

Recently a group of LifeWorks youth clients spoke to the Senate Finance Committee voicing the need for more resources for youth homelessness. These youth shared their personal stories of being a homeless youth living on the streets in Austin.

LifeWorks client, David, said, "Being homeless is scary…I would get beaten up at night. So I started sleeping in trash bins to hide and be safe. Coming to LifeWorks was a huge relief because I now have a safe place to to eat…and people who care about me."

David has been a shelter resident for only 6 weeks. He is attending LifeWorks GED Program and serving as a LifeWorks Youth Ambassador where he speaks to groups sharing his past experiences. These speaking opportunities have increased David’s self-confidence. He recently said, "I was very nervous to speak to important people and share my voice. But after it was over, I now feel that I can accomplish anything!" David then asked, "When is the next time I can speak?!"

Please help youth like David share their voice, have a safe place to live, and have people who care about them. 

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