LifeWorks Board Standing Committee Descriptions


Purpose:  The Executive Committee is a standing committee whose purpose is to act on essential matters needing attention between regular meetings of the Board of Governors.    

Key Responsibilities:  

  • Prepare the monthly agenda for the Board of Governor’s meetings, including strategic issues to discuss at the board during meetings  
  • Provide direction to the Executive Director and Committee/Events leadership around priority and strategic issues and opportunities.  
  • Review and recommend policies the board/agency needs to change or add   
  • Respond to highly sensitive matters  
  • Handle time critical business between meetings (as needed)  
  • Establish expectations, conduct the annual performance review, and propose compensation for the Executive Director as an overall part of the budget process each year.  
  • Assess and recommend to the Board a successor to the CEO in the event of a vacancy of the position, unless the Board designates another committee for this purpose.  


Purpose : The Finance Committee is a standing committee, as outlined in the Bylaws.  Its purpose is to monitor the financial operations of the Agency.    

Goals : 

  • Report to the Board regularly on the Agency’s financial status.  
  • Prepare the annual budget in cooperation with the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer and submit the budget to the Board for approval.   
  • Meet with representatives from funding sources as necessary.  
  • Oversee investments and be responsible for the vetting and hiring of an auditor to conduct the annual audit through accomplishment of an independent examination of financial records by a Certified Public Accountant and to report the findings to the Board.  
  • Oversee development of financial reports and policies, and address and investigate questions and concerns regarding financial reports and policies.  
  • Oversee activities associated with the planning, development, acquisition or renovation of physical facilities of the Agency.  

Board Development 

Purpose :  

The Board Development Committee is responsible for assessing and nominating members of the Board of Governors; making recommendations regarding the Board's composition, operations and performance.  The Committee will develop systems and processes to identify, attract, train, retain and recognize leadership for committee service and the Board of Governors.  

Key Responsibilities:  

  • Conduct regular evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the Board and individual Board member engagement.  
  • Determine the desired qualifications and criteria for Board members, including skills, experience, qualities, desired diversity and the like.  
  • Actively solicit and develop prospective Board of Governors candidates from board members, staff and community leaders  
  • Develop and recommend an annual slate of Board Officers to the full Board.  
  • Oversee the development and implementation of effective orientation and on-going training programs for new members of the Board.  

Ending Youth Homelessness 


  • Provide community leadership for LifeWorks role in Ending Youth Homelessness in Austin. 
  • Support LifeWorks leadership in implementing Austin’s Community Plan. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Understand the national and community dynamics around homelessness and strategies to end homelessness. 
  • Understand in depth Austin’s Community Plan to End Youth Homelessness, including the service strategies, data, partners, and benchmark criteria. 
  • Advise LW staff and Board around the leadership and service roles for LifeWorks 
  • Advocate, as appropriate for policies and funding to support Community Plan goals 

Marketing and Communications 


  • Generate brand awareness among prospective Legacy Circle and Major Donors to support Sustainable Philanthropy goals. 
  • Build brand advocacy into the employee experience to increase retention and engagement. 
  • Position LifeWorks as a trusted source for information and insights about the needs of and solutions for vulnerable transition aged youth among national foundations and the think tanks who influence them. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Collaborate with staff to create a roadmap for achieving the goals of the Strategic Plan. 
  • Review, evaluate, and consult staff on the strategy, management, and results of select marketing and communications initiatives. 
  • Augment the skills and workload of existing staff by leading select projects, contributing time and professional services, and/or soliciting in-kind donations of professional services from outside of the committee. 

Sustainable Philanthropy 


  • Inspire a culture of philanthropy that shifts fundraising from scarcity-based to abundance-based with a measurable, mission-focused strategy for the engagement of individual donors. 
  • Engage and develop relationships with lifelong individual donors who can leave a legacy with LifeWorks and build towards long-term financial sustainability. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Learn the Sustainable Funding/Benevon model and champion its use with leadership. 
  • Serve as an advocate and host at least 10 individuals for a point of entry event either on site, in a home, or place of business. 
  • Participate in expressions of gratitude to donors, including calls, invitations, and event attendance. 
  • Serve on Spring Ask Event host committee and commit to bringing between 3-9 guests. 

Major Gifts Campaign committee 

Purpose: The Campaign committee will work in partnership with LifeWorks development staff and Sustainable Philanthropy Committee to assist with fundraising efforts. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Personally donate to the Campaign. 
  • Provide advice and guidance to the campaign. 
  • Attend Focus Groups/ Financial asks with development staff.