Technical Assistance

LifeWorks is committed to sharing its experience, learnings, and resources in order to promote more effective strategies to working with vulnerable, transition-age youth.  Contact us for more information. 

LifeWorks Self-Sufficiency MatriX

The LifeWorks Self-Sufficiency Matrix is central to our efforts and allows us to monitor clients’ progress, guide service planning, and communicate our impact to stakeholders.

LifeWorks Self-sufficiency Matrix User Manual

The LifeWorks Self-Sufficiency Matrix User Manual describes the development of the tool, provides scoring guidelines, and outlines recommendations for its use.

Lifeworks Self-Sufficiency Matrix Scoring Tool

The LifeWorks Self-Sufficiency Matrix Scoring Tool assesses clients' self-sufficiency across 24 domains, and its holistic nature allows our staff to understand and serve our clients in a more meaningful and nuanced way.