The Works II


As construction on The Works II progresses, we’d like to provide our supporters with updates on our new 29-unit apartment building. 

Since late spring, Milestone General Contractors and our Construction Manager, Mitch Weynand, have performed a great deal of work, including excavating the site and coming back with compacted fill for the foundation of the building. So far, installation of the necessary underground utilities (water, sewer and electrical conduit) and the concrete slab with grade beams (footings that carry the load or weight of the building) have been performed. The framing of the project is also starting to happen, which allows us to see the outer walls of the apartment units and get a better feel for the structure of the spaces. In a few weeks, a small boom crane will set the roof trusses. Please feel free to go by the East site and see the progress being made (just make sure to stay off the building site itself since this is a construction zone).