LifeWorks is looking for individuals passionate about our mission and their own careers.

Careers at LifeWorks offer opportunities to grow and develop your professional skills while making an immediate difference in the lives of youth and families in our community. Whether it is through directly working with our youth, community outreach and advocacy, or administrative service, see how you can help strengthen our community and shape your future by viewing our current career opportunities.

  • When you engage with our clients, it never resembles labor; it feels like you organically support the person in what they would like to do at this time. Our clients allow us to join their current journey – it’s their game and we serve as cheerleaders, team members, and even coaches! So I do not actually work here, I serve here at LifeWorks.
    — Dwan Adams, Intake Specialist for Centralized Intake
  • I love working at LifeWorks. I quickly realized that at LifeWorks, great people attract great people.  The people on my team and those who I interact with are all great at what they do and consistently demonstrate tremendous integrity and veracity. Another reason I love working at LifeWorks is because of the freedom, autonomy and flexibility I have. I can’t think of a better place to work than at LifeWorks!
    — Nicholas Winowsky, Program Director for Workforce Development
  • I love working at LifeWorks because the agency puts the youth we serve first. The culture of staff becomes a support network and we are cheerleaders for each other. Plus, the young adults we work with are really awesome!
    — Morgan Miles, Case Manager II for Young Parents Program
  • Working at LifeWorks awards me the opportunity for career growth and professional development. I’m results driven and appreciate that LifeWorks’s mission mirrors my thought process. I look forward to coming to work knowing that what I do assists someone in need as the ending result.
    — Katrina Reese, Assistant Director of Finance

Our employees are fearless advocates for youth and families seeking their path to self-sufficiency. We are committed to innovative problems solving, shared accountability, and empowering clients and employees alike to reach their goals with a relentless focus on achieving real, sustainable, and measurable results.

Job Descriptions 

Case Manager

Case Managers at LifeWorks draw upon clients' strength to inform service planning, advocate on behalf of clients, and collaborate with other service providers. Collaborating with various community programs, coordinating services with other agencies, identifying and leveraging client strengths, and effectively managing crisis situations are all important responsibilities for a LifeWorks Case Manager. The ability to manage changing priorities, remain organized, and keep track of important details will help ensure success in this role.



Counselors at LifeWorks serve individuals, couples, groups, and families. Counselors use a strengths-based, solution-oriented approach to counseling and crisis intervention services to help clients utilize and improve existing coping skills and create effective solutions. Treatment planning, evaluation and follow-up, monitoring program participants, and maintaining documentation are all important responsibilities for a LifeWorks Counselor. Enjoying a fast-paced environment, having strong attention to detail, and possessing drive and initiative will help ensure success in this role.


Prevention Specialist

Prevention Specialists at LifeWorks provide prevention education services to youth and families through group facilitation, classroom and community presentations, and the provision of enrichment activities. Prevention Specialists may provide education on topics such as child/adolescent development, family relationship-building, and coping strategies as well as prevention of tobacco use, pregnancy, and child abuse. Establishing maintaining relationships with community contacts, recruiting for support groups, and planning, developing, and providing education activities are all important responsibilities for a LifeWOrks Prevention Specialist. Strong presentation skills, excellent time management, and creativity will help ensure success in this role.


Youth Care Worker

Youth Care Worker at LifeWorks have a primary goal of developing caring relationships with the young men and women who pass through our doors because it has the potential to make a positive difference in their futures. Youth care Workers help teach social competence, resourcefulness, autonomy, and a sense of purpose. Supervising clients, assisting with their day-to-day needs, and maintain records are all important responsibilities for a LifeWorks Youth Care Worker. Compassion and flexibility, strong multi-tasking and communication skills, and the ability to react calmly and quickly to unexpected situations in an upredictable environment will help ensure success in this role.